Chuwi Support Drivers

How about making a site with Support Downloads for Chuwi products?

A “Brand Success” passes , for sure, by his own support for their products.

Many people asking for Drivers, and thats very important for products like Laptops, Tablets, etc.

Chuwi, please, think about this, and make it happen!!!


It makes one wonder what Chuwi, Windows and Microsoft may think a technological partner is… Everytime there is an update something goes very south (my lapbook pro won’t make a sound) and it is just them denying each other’s drivers’ right to exist. OS has taken over my right not to install their mischievious and stupid updates, as well as older controllers that were working just fine right up until they decided to have some fun with MY computer.
What is one supposed to do when your own OS is the most sophisticated malware ever?