Chuwi Ubook Pro Blue Screen Error

Hi! So I am asking this question in the forum since Chuwi’s support doesn’t really exist or maybe they are on vacation …
I got the Chuwi UBook Pro 3 days ago and I haven’t been possible for me to use the tablet.
To begin, from the first moment during the configuration of windows the tablet began to fail. It took me more than an hour to configure everything. The error is the same always, a blue screen that tells you that there has been a critical error. This happens to me every 5 minutes. Also web browsers like chrome or firefox also fail. What I can do? And Chuwi of course doesn’t answer…


It’s net driver problem. Try to reinstall it with original chuwi driver.

Thank you. What is the net driver? I havent install anything new. It was happening before even configurating windows

It’s network (lan\wi-fi) driver.

This is not the onky error. There are many.

By the way how do you install the chuwi drivers?

I think you need to reset windows or fully reinstall it, seems like seller made corrupted install.

I did but same problem keep happening. And chuwi doesn’t answer!

Okay… :thinking: Try to install drivers manualy (install for every device, even if it’s already installed). If this does not work - wait for chuwi support :man_shrugging:

Please write to

I have done that! No answer…

You can receive the reply within 24h.

Its have been 5 days…

Maybe your email has been identified as spam by the system. Please tell me your email address.You can send me a private message if you mind making it public.