Cold boot\Kernel-Power management | return from RAM suspension issue | power button

Windows 10 2004 19041.572
Serial Hi10X Q128GH62060****
BIOS Version: tPAD 0.04

Upon the very first boot (state G3/S0 [3 min without power]) the device cannot resume from suspension (S3) with the power button. A quick reboot from the OS is required to acquire the option to suspend to RAM on subsequent boot. Also might be related but the device won’t boot from S5 without the power cord.
Are there any BIOS-es addressing the resume from standby/cold boot issue?

I saw many few post asking about the standby option crashing the OS on resume, since June. Can you fix it, yesterday? or it is related to the CMOS time (VBAT)? and you can fix it still before I send it back? thanks.