H10x, 2 off these have died on me

Am I the only one?

H10x I bought two of these H10X windows both have bricked on me now.

Both bought at the same time.

My wifes was first. It failed to boot unless power button held down for 20 seconds or so.
Then after a several weeks It failed to boot completely. No leds, no screen, nothing.

Mine started the “hold down power button” game earlier but didn’t die completely until
a few weeks ago.

Any ideas on how to revive them or even just get my stuff back off them would be welcome.

Otherwise take warning they both stopped completely with the same symptoms and can’t be trusted to hold your info.

i got 2 using very well.

i am typing on a hi10x bought in 2020 summer?

using fydeos v15.1

super fast on chromeos alike.

ps i plan to buy 1 more hi10xr if available…

i already got
lenovo duet 3i

Thanks for the reply.

What is fydeos v15.1?

Are yours occasional use?

Both mine were in use 12hrs/day 7days a week.

Both mine were bought at the same time, maybe a bad batch?

I really like them and am tempted to get the same again, but two bricking with the same fault is very off putting.

Cheers, J