First the tablet is working then the next day it doesn't boot

This was about a year ago, I lost Windows because of the fedora installer which overwrote all the partitions. There is a distro on it but like I say it won’t boot.

Now I want to install Windows 10 from USB and any help to get me into the BIOS would be appreciated.


Press Esc to enter in bios or F7 for boot menu.

I can’t even get the computer to respond to the power button no matter how long I press it and it is charged. Is there a combination of keys or a certain order in which they are pressed?

There was a time when I only had to press the power button for a second or so - for example the last time it was working - and it booted, then at times I had to hold down the power button for a long time as if some greasy, smelly hacker was playing a game of witts.

Really odd.


Try to reset bios
Press the power button for 30 seconds.
Press the power button 3 times for half a second
Put the charger and try to turn on.

I did this and the laptop is still not responding