Corebook Pro Drivers

Hi, I reinstalled Windows on this laptop, but trackpad, audio and webcam need drivers, rest is working perfectly (GPU, wireless and bluetooth as it installed good drivers from intel update utility). So how can I aquire needed rest of the drivers?


Windows should install all the drivers by itself, but if you have a problem with this, then here are the drivers.

Thanks, it worked perfectly. Only thing that wifi is really bad, instead of 100 mbps I get 20 mbps, is it a driver issue or? I am very close to router

The wifi adapter in this laptop has problems with signal strength, especially with bluetooth turned on. You can try reinstalling drivers or updating using Intel® Driver & Support Assistant.You can also try to change the channel width from auto to 20mHz in the adapter settings.

Actually I found a soltuion, it seems that microsoft drivers are out of date, and intel update utility only gives me updates for gpu, but not for wireless and bluetooth, it even doesn’t recognize bluetooth hardware. Once I installed drivers manually from intel site speed jumped up