Driver for Corebook X i3-1215U


Just got my laptop, but got the copy in Russian and cant seem to change it. Wiped it to reinstall with a fresh copy of Windows 11.
Where do i download the driver for this?

CPU: Intel Core i3-1215U
Storage: 512GB

Thanks in advance for anyone who can sort this out.

I need driver for same laptop. i5–1235.

do you got the driver?

These worked for mine.
Unzip them, then in Device Manager point all the Missing Drivers to the folder. See if it works.
Good luck.

which bios date do you have? Mine is 12/22.


Did you manage to install the required drivers?
In my case, (i3-1215U - 8GB - 512GB), after a clean installation, there were a lot of unknown devices in the device manager.

After the following process, I still have some unknown devices in the device manager, mostly ACPI related.

After a clean installation of Windows 11, neither the touchpad nor the wifi worked.
What I did for installing windows without wifi is enable the option to allow that, by following Windows 11 Setup Without Internet: How to Easily Install it
However, in my case, I had to enter into the oobe subfolder and run the bypassnro command directly.

After Windows 11 was installed, I downloaded the network driver in another computer (Official Intel driver WiFi-22.250.1-Driver64-Win10-Win11) and installed in the Corebook.

Then, I downloaded the Intel-Driver-and-Support-Assistant-Installer, so that other drivers may be installed.

Finally, I downloaded official Intel NUC X15-LAPAC71-Laptop Kits-Driver Pack-v1.6. There are a bunch of drivers in this pack, so that I tried to upgrade those pending unknown devices in the device manager, one by one, pointing to the driver pack folder, some of them were found, and one of them enabled the touchpad.

Any help will be much appreciated.