Corebook Pro Windows Update

For some reason I am struggling allot updating windows on my new corebook pro any advise ad I have been trying for the last 6 hours to update it but it gets to the installing part to about 76% and then it just hangs

You can try the following steps:
1.Restart the laptop multiple times
2.Clean up the capacity of the system’s hard drive and leave space above 30GB

Hi threre

I have tried this and still the update after leaving it now for about 7 hours only got to about 94% and not any further.

The hard drive on which you install your system should have plenty of space.

Hi yes its a brand new corebook pro have not installed anything on it as i am first trying to the this onto the latest version of windows before installing my other apps

Maybe you can let it updates for one night and wake up the next day to see if whether successes.LOL

I came right thanks using the media creation tool

It is a good time to make a system image with Macrium Reflect and a copy of the drivers with doubledriver