Windows 11 for COREBOOK X i5-8th Gen (2021 MODEL)

Hi, I just wanna ask

Does anyone here tried upgrading their corebook x to windows 11? How is it? Do you experience some problems during and after the process?


I have upgraded 2 Corebook X’s to Windows 11.

I had a problem to do it with one of them but I found that a file was missing. I downloaded the file from Microsft and then the installation went ahead no prblem.

There was no problem with the second Corebook X.

I have not found any problems. Both computers are faster with Win 11.

Since then I have upgraded my desktop computer to Win 11 and that runs faster.

I definately recommend changing to Win 11.

I didn’t expect to like the new interface but I do !!!

I really want to upgrade mine to windows 11 I’m just afraid it might experience some problems

When you upgrade to Win 11 you have 10 days to try it and if you have problems, you can go back to Win 10.
When I had the problem with the first Corebook X with the missing file, it went back to Win 10 automatically without losing anything.
After I installed the missing file it upgraded with no problem.
With my desktop I have a lot of software, severaof which I didn’t get from the Microsoft Store. I didn’t lose anything when I changed to Win 11.
Apparently there are some games which won’t run in Win 11 but they probably wouldn’t run in Win 10 on a Corebook because the graphics RAM is not separate from the CPU RAM and the display refresh rate is too low.

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Oh wow, didn’t know that it automatically goes back to windows 10 if it encounters some problems. Thanks I’ll try updating it to windows 11.

How about opening the back cover, do you think a card will help opening it? I’m too afraid to break anything here :joy: