Corebook x battery

Hi does anyone know if there is a bigger battery that I can use in my chuwi corebook X . Thanks in advance.

Hello Jonty, welcome to the forum.

So far this question was raised in the past in the forum, it seems that there is no higher capacity battery option. What exists are third-party batteries but with only a few more capacity announced.

Are you having issues with battery life inyour Corebook X. With basic use, like internet surfing, watching videos, editing texts, etc, it should last about 4h-4h30.


Hi coyotefert my battery life isn’t terrible but I would like it to last the whole day as I am a university student. How much bigger are the third party batteries?


Last time I checked it was an advertised 10-15% higher. But as usually happens with third-parties, they may advertise a capacity that in real cases does not bring actually an increase on the use time.

CoreBook X accepts USB-C charging also, so If for some reason you have a Powerbank that can Power Delivery more than 65W, this may be an alternative.


Thank you very much. Do you know which third party’s supply these batteries?


Check previous post

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There are some in there but as I said, increase of capacity is not for sure.

I would say, that if you really need to extend battery duration, a Good Powerbank with PD higher than 65W may be a good option. They are not that cheap but will cover charging not only the laptop but other devices when needed.


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