Which Batteries can I use for Corebook X 14

Hi, 1 year bevore l habe bought my laptop and l am so satisfied with it. But l have some issues, For example: Wifi oesnt work so good, and l can not change it because it is not changable.
And l wanna change my battery and l wanna install a big one. Mines is 4000 mA, maybe l find a bigger one.

Thanks for a reply.

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You need to open and confirm your battery model and connector.

Brand New 505979-3S1P-1 Laptop Battery for CHUWI CoreBook X Series - YouTube

Not sure if you will find higher capacity for this model.

And not sure if these third party batteries are trustable.

How much time does your battery last?

Thet is my battery and it lasts only one hour


This is odd. After 1year only, battery lasting only 1 hour.

In a daily use, like Office, web browsing, not any heavy load apps like Adobe stuff, I usually have about 4h and my laptop is only 6 months old.

It would be nice to run some battery tests to check if there is any issue with the battery.

Or try to contact CHUWI Support for more information. They may have something to help on the battery testing.

You may try install HWMonitor from CPUID. This shows information about your machine including some info about battery.