CoreBook X 2021 - wrong battery?

Hi to everybody, I bought a CoreBook X 2021 version and I noticed something strange with the battery. It should be a 46,2 Wh unit capable to last for 8h; i checked it with BatteryCare and looks like the battery details are quite different: 26,22 Wh capable to reach more or less 4h so half the duration it should have.

Someone else had the same issue?
Let me know


Not sure if battery is wrong or not, but the advertised 8h as always are under specific circunstances. Usually, with 75% of screen light, regular use of internet, audio, videos, etc. It lasts about 4h to 5h .

Hello, thank You for Your reply.
I agree with You regarding what declared by Chuwi what we should expect, but at the moment I can’t have more than 2-3h in normal use; that’s why I’m thinking abut a wrong part.
If You own the same laptop, could You check Your battery details with BatteryCare, or any other software You prefer, and share it please?
Many thanks in advance.

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Which software did You use?

HWmonitor from CPUID

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