Corebook Pro Battery life


I am very curious to know what the owners of corebook pro are getting in terms of battery life. My unit barely achieves 5 hours with low brightness around 0-20% with mainly reddit, youtube, and general surfing, I also noticed that my discharge rate in batterybar doesn’t go below 8.5W regardless of what brightness it is or if I am just being idle in the desktop.

So I was wondering if this is the case for all the corebook pro owners or just me? What kind of battery life are you guys getting?

I have even bigger issues with the battery life of the corebook pro. I achieved just about 3 hours with the lowest brightness and no keybord backlit (Windows and Linux) while surfing. Then i found out that the core clock speed is always at max 2.4 ghz and the power consumption at about 14 watt in idle mode. So i changed the core clock speed manually to powersave mode. Now i have a normal clock speed behaviour but still only 4.5 hours of battery life with 8.5 Watt in idle.

I think the firmware is the problem. Does anyone know weaher there is a new firmware available?

Try doing a fresh install of windows 2004 and see if max core speed bug still persists or not. I am currently on 2004 and dont have that issue. I guess 8.5W is the lowest it will go down to and in case we probably get around 5ish hours with battery saver mode or something.