Battery Problem Gemibook pro 8gb 5100

I have problem with the battery tho I use the laptop with saving mode and zero light. It comes down from 100 % to 90% in like 15 to 20 minutes and all i do is just surfing on the internet or listening something on spotify. Is it normal or not I am not sure. I think the whole battery might die in 2 and 2.5 hours( I’ll try tho) If it is kinda normal I really don’t want to deal with whole refund process. Thanks.

I have noticed and wrote about it here somewhere that battery counting software works not correct. Try timing with a real clock. I get about 6+ hrs powersaving mode 2 tabs of light.

the Battery perfomance is poor gemibook Pro… on win10, are there some new driver… the promise is 6 hour, … whe usb-C is woking reduce 50% remaining instantly

I updated my Gemibook Pro drivers with a program named “Drivers Booster 9” that showed that PC battery driver is really outdated (a 2006 version). After that battery consumption improved a lot.

Can you tell me what version of the battery driver you’re using now?

I will check it but try the Driver Booster because it automatically will update those drivers.