Corebook pro Battery replacement problem


The battery of my Chuwi core book pro notebook computer swelled and a new battery was installed through the service. However, the new battery runs out in 30 minutes. When there is 5% left, I plug it in, but it doesn’t charge. When plugged in, it turns off with a “battery dead” warning. I restart the computer but it does not charge for a long time. It starts charging after hours. It does not keep the time given for full filling in any way. It shows as 5 minutes left for full filling, but it takes 30 minutes to finish. There is a very serious disorder and I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Is there a compatibility problem with the battery? Need a driver update? Or is the battery faulty?

Old battery model: 505979-3S1P 31CP5/59/75
Newly installed battery model: 5059B4-2S-1 21CP5/59/115


I strongly recommend to contact again. You may be with a faulty battery or some other hardware issue.