CoreBook X (i5-8259U model) - battery not detected under linux

Hello there…

I bought about a week ago this model of laptop, aesthetically beautiful and according to several reviews I had found (but in hindsight I could not say whether related to the 7th generation Intel or the 8th, the one I took).

I did almost immediately a very clean dual boot, installing EndeavourOS (an arch-based)… everything goes without any problem or uncertainty, with the battery that lasts about half an hour more with linux but … it is not detected at all (so the use with linux has a range totally blind).

Does anyone have this same problem or know how to solve it?

I have same problem with Ubuntu 20.04

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I guess there is no fix to this problem? I have the same issue.

I dont know if anyone still have the problem, but using the latest version of ZorinOS and Fedora everything works fine, except for the screen flickering. If anyone know how to fix it, please help me. Thanks in advance.

Seriously, does the battery indicator work for you? If yes, do you have any “special” packages for battery management or what?

Nothing special, I tried linux knowing that battery will not work, but it does perfect on the latest version of ZorinOS and Fedora. I had to go back to windows due to the screen flickering unfortunately.

Hey guys. My Coreboox X does not show battery indicator on any of the distros i have tried - Ubuntu, Elementary and Fedora, currently using WSL on windows :frowning: Not ideal… If anyone has an update pls ping back.

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