Corebox 4th i5-1235U fan

I am awaiting my corebox 4th with the i5.
Has anyone received it and is there any improvement on the fan issues?


Since i have now received my corebox and done a few tests i guess i can answer myself.

First, to get to the advanced tab in the bios i had to boot from a bootable usbkey with linux (grub bootloader), in this case Debian, enter C for grub commandline and type in “fwsetup” and press enter.

Looked pretty much like the advanced tab in my herobox.
Any changes made to the temperatures or fan speed settings had no result.
What i did find though when having the CPU work abit is that the fan doesn’t seem to react to CPU temp but rather some ambient temperature in the case.
I had CPU temp reaching 80C and the fan didn’t speed up like crazy, as it would have done in my herobox, but didn’t seem to react, and then just some, after the CPU had been working a while and the ambient temperature in the case itself went up.

Still, no other programs, like fan control, seem to be able to control the fan or see it as a pwm device.