CoreBox 4th fan speed issue. BIOS upgrade needed

There is no easy way to reach advanced BIOS settings. You need to go to Windows restore, then go to repair issues, then UEFI settings, then CoreBox restarts and to have to press Esc when BIOS is shown.

In these advanced setting you can find Thermal settings, where you can set 2 thermal points and fan speed for them. BUT your settings doesn’t change anything as well. Fan speed goes as it wants and you can’t make it more silent or more agressive. In AIDA64 you can’t see fan RPM speed, it always at 0%, but in reality it works. CoreBox needs BIOS update. My device SN is ZCorBox|W1H221100211

Aftesale service says “This is not adjustable”, but we need this functionality.

Does any developers responds here?

  1. I’m asking oit of curiosity and for my knowledge: how come there’s no easy way to access the BIOS? Did you tried all F keys on the keyboard?

  2. Chuwi is not known for providing BIOS updates, drivers, let alone apps for different functions, in this case fan speed adjustment. There are other Chuwi mini PC’s with the same problem.

What you can do is a DIY project, meaning: either add a potentiometer on the fan’s wires(you need some electronic and soldering skills), or, like I did - I bought a USB potentiometer in which I plugged a 12cm, 5V, USB fan, and I can adjust it any time for my liking.


Can you provide purchase links of the products?

Thanks a lot!

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Or at aliexpress

Thanks @TheRomuzia
But I’m asking about the ubs potenciometer.

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Here’s the page for USB potentiometer:

Thanks a lot!

Do you use the fan that comes standard with the chuwi with the potentiometer?

Do you have any electrical schematics and photos of the process?

Thanks again!

No, I dont use “the fan that comes standard with the chuwi” simply because Chuwi Herobox(250GB SSD version) its passively “cooled”. This is the reason I’ve added a 12cm/5V fan of top of the unit, but before that I drilled an array of holes on top of the unit so the fan will draw that hot air inside of it.

I brought the fan from AliExpress. I chose that fan because it has a USB wire, which was perfect as no modification was needed.

Offical answer: Chuwi CoreBox 4th has NO FAN CONTROL!

I demand to add PWM adjustment in a future revision!

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I wrote the same email to chuwi suppot, and they answered me with a bios update.
I dont tryed it yet, but seeing the creation date of the .bin file is 27/11/2022, i’m afraid that the update will be the same BIOS version that i have