CSM not working on LarkBox X

Hi, I’m trying to setup the bios to boot from CSM but no option makes the minipc recognize and boot any legacy drive, only uefi.

Any ideas?

Sorry for this image but the forum doesn’t allow me to add more than one picture.

Nobody has any idea?

You need to reinstall your operating system after setting legacy BIOS mode.

If you are trying to boot to a device to reinstall the operating system, you’ll also need to ensure the device is written for BIOS mode rather than UEFI.

Make sure you change Video and PCI to Legacy too, otherwise you won’t be able to boot.

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Obviously I tried to boot the pc with various legacy OSes, I tried to boot it with easy2boot and some other ways, but today I received an answer from Chuwi to a support case I oppened via email:

“Not supported”.

The end.

Why do I waste my fingers on this forum? (: