Deactivate Fn key


For some reason, my Fn key appears to be activated all the time. Every time I click on any of the Fx keys (F1, F2, F3…) it doesn’t perform the normal tasks, but it performs as if I have pressed Fn + F1. Looking at lights at the lights at the bottom right of the keyboard (at the right of the touch pad), there are a couple of lights. The light on the right is all the time switched on, and I suspect it indicates the Fn key is activated.

How can I deactivate it please?



Do you mean when you press the F1 or F2 keys you get the brightness control? If so, that is proper behavior. Pressing the Fn key will give you the smaller annotated function shown on the key itself. If you press the arrow keys ( < > ) by themselves do you get cursor movement or do you change the keyboard backlight brightness?

I believe the far right LED just means the keyboard is powered. The left blue LED means Num Lock.

Hi Silurian,

Thank you for your answer. I think you are right. Actually, in the function or multimedia keys, the multimedia action is depicted big a bigger symbol than the function action (e.g. F1), meaning the main action is the multimedia and the second is the function.

Personally is the first time I see a keyboard like this (where function action is secondary), and it is pity because I work a lot with Excel and use intensively the F2 key to activate and edit the formula.

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