Switching between function key modes.

Good day support.
I ask you to add the ability to switch the operation modes of the function keys to subsequent versions of the drivers: the mode of direct calling of the function key (F1, F2, …) and call mode for additional functions added to the function key (brightness, volume, touchpad modes, etc.). For example, on a MI laptop, these modes are switched by a combination (Fn Esc). In my daily work, I use function keys more often than additional functions placed on these keys.

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Write to service@chuwi.com and wait for day 11 for the response, since there will be no return to work until that date for precautions against the coronavirus

Hi rostar,

Once you know how to do it, could you please share the drivers and the how to in the forum? I am exactly in the same situation and really dislike the “multimedia” default function of the Fn keys.

Kind regards

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So, is there something new about the issue?

The developer replied “there is no such possibility”. Probably doesn’t want to rewrite the code.

This so annoying. I hate this default mulimedia functions!