Does Lapbook Cherry Trail 15,6 really need 5V 3A?

Hello. I bought a Lapbook Cherry Trail notebook a few years ago. Unfortunately, I’ve misplaced the power adapter for it and need to replace it. To do so I need to know the power specifications for it. It does say on the device that it takes 5V, 3A but I find that hard to believe since it’s a low power SOC based computer. 3 amps is quite a lot of juice and it’s more than what the charger for my i5 laptop delivers. So I would like some clarification please, is 3A really correct?

If It is, I wonder if it may be ok anyway to use a weaker power adapter. I do that on my phones on purpose to charge them slower to reduce wear and that works fine.

After some research, I’ve found that what makes lower amperage charging work is USB-based negotiating on power draw. So I guess if the accompanying charger is USB-based, it should be fine to use a lower amperage usb charger. I can’t remember if it is though. Is it?

Also, a word of warning about this model; the build quality of the hinge mechanism leave a lot to be desired. I (unknowingly) opened mine up a bit too far and, without warning, the hinges broke off from the case. They’re screwed into the plastic basically and if you push them even the slightest bit too far they’ll break. There’s no way to tell when you’re getting close to the breaking point, so be careful. I’m intending to repurpose mine as a secondary desktop computer.

Thanks in advance.