Aerobook power issue... Has the laptop died?

This morning my power supply stopped working through general wear and tear.

I have a power bank I tried once before to charge it as a backup.

This morning there was a little bit of power in the laptop battery. Instead of using the powerbank type c, I plugged usb c cable into the power supply (It was a phone charger and I have learnt outputting 5v)

It charged the battery (whilst there was some battery left already) on the laptop preventing it from going flat for 30 mins . A friend called me on facebook. And then the laptop just stopped working. No lights, no nothing.

I tried to get the back off the laptop by following some pictures on the forum. The nice alluminium exterior turned out to be extremely difficult to remove and I gave up.

I have also tried a 5v outputted plug from another laptop which did not work. I have figured how to use a usb -c type powerbank with the correct cables, although the powerbank is PD - 12v - 1.5A… Unfortunately I cannot charge the laptop.

Is the laptop dead?
Is the SSD compatable with to a hard drive case?, so I will not loose data?

What should I do???

so much

First of all, you should check if your powerbank is capable of charging the AeroBook, since it must provide 12V 2A, and that it is really P.D.
Likewise if you use a wall charger, it must be P.D. and with at least 42W

I do not have the wall charger as of yet. I am not sure which one I should buy, or even if should make one.

The powerbank is an energizer ue20003pq

output is usb-c PD 5v-3a
usb-c 9v-2a

I doubt that is sufficient to power the laptop!!..

Must be at least 48W and 2 Amps

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