Driver Intel Smart Sound Technology on Windows 11 has Issue?

Hi, I saw on some thread here and i found that some chuwi device got microphone issue while they upgraded to windows 11. me too on my herobook air. how’s your ? is there any solution ?

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Hello, this is a full drive, please try it, thank you

thank’s for your reply. already tried it but microphone still not working. please fix this because this issue (audio service not working) happened on some chuwi devices on win 11. thanks.

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Hello, please contact our official after-sales email, thank you

Cual es ese correo electrónico?

Tengo el mismo problema, lograste solucionarlo? Recién compré el equipo!

A mi tambien me pasa lo mismo, estoy tratando de conectar con el servicio técnico de chuwi y no responde. Por favor, alguien me puede ayudar?