Official Win 11 Home 21H2 Updated from Win 10 Microphone Stopped Working

Windows 10 Home has officially offered the Windows 11 upgrade through the Windows Update method. PC Health Check confirmed the tablet meets the hardware requirements. After the upgrade, the microphone has become inoperable. Device manager shows all devices drivers are good. I have a second tablet still on Win 10 and compared the sound drivers between the Win 10 and Win 11. Driver versions are identical. I have brought this up to CHUWI support and the only answer they give is to reinstall Win 10. They have since ignored my further inquiry. Microsoft says they are aware of problems with SST audio in Win 11, but it is the OEM responsibly to update the drivers. CHUWI would not acknowledge this with me. No indication that this is being looked into or being debugged. Only answer I got is, “Maybe Hi10X is not yet adapted for Win 11”. My question is, “Will it be? Is this something being worked on? Or is Hi10X going to be forced into obsolescence?”

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Try this: Settings – System – Sound – Microphone – Improve audio (Uncheck). Restart

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Thanks for your input. As far as I can see on my system, Enhance Audio is already turned off. I have rebooted numerous times since. Voice Recorder still tells me to install a microphone.

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Same here as well. When i try to upgrade to Windows 11 there no Microphone or even audio, i rollback to windows 10 because of that.

I think is Intel SST is a problem on windows 11

Dear Chuwi team

You need to comply with Microsoft and Intel, and you need update the Intel SST and Intel UHD for Windows 11 or else may get lawsuit (i was just telling you to avoid)

Hi there! Any news concerning this issue? Having the exact same problem: Can’t use microphone.

It’s a bummer CHUWI is silent on this. It is possible their development team is a third party they have no really control over. What I’m afraid is that this issue will just get buried under a pile of new “Win 11” products. The only real workaround for me at this point is to use a bluetooth headset with mic, or use an external USB mic.

The issue of the mic is well known. It appears when the driver changes. I had the same problem when I upgraded the driver and the mic stopped working. I sent back the chuwi tablet for this reason. Now I have the Hi 10 go that has a better mic and processor!

Well, and that’s the problem with Chuwi. It appears they are purposely ignoring the issue in order to draw buyers to newer “better” products when this is merely a software issue. There is no reason why the Hi10x hardware cannot work.

My experience is different, Chuwi sent me an update (SST_update) and it doesn’t worked, the only suggestion I found was to try to identity the microfone as a generic one instead of intel, after I tried this the microfone dissapeared from devide manager and I wasn’t able to install again, I had to reinstall win 11.
At the momento it looks like rolling back to windows 10 is no more an option on my Hi10x

I just downloaded this file and, after examining the .bat file I just ran it with admin privileges. The old driver was uninstalled, the new one was installed and my mic is finally back!

Please can you explain the process.
the file is sst_update, the name of the bat.
thank you

Just right-click the bat file and choose “Run as admin” and let it do the show.

I dont understand your answer, I downloaded the file sst_update.
Unzip and inside there are
Do I have run as administrator Update?.
Thank you for the help

Yes, just right-click the Update and choose Run as Administrator.

Hello, friend,

Do you get the driver working?

A week ago I updated Windows 10 to Windows 11 - Defender didn’t work, I had problems with graphics, Yotube in Chrome and also with webcam sound.
But then when I chose Restore to Factory Defaults, Windows 11 was installed cleanly and everything works, including webcam audio. All drivers installed themselves … :+1:

does microphone also working ?

Yes, everything works.

Buen día a todos, definitivamente, lo he intentado todo para actualizar el controlador del micrófono pero nada que funciona, me tocara seguir usando el micrófono bluetooth, si alguien puede ayudarle le agradecería mucho. Mi equipo es Hi10 XG128G210411587.

Mil gracias por tu ayuda pero en mi caso no funcionó.