MIC is not working on windows 11!HeroBook pro

After the windows got upgraded from windows 10 to windows 11 the microphone is not working anymore.
I tried contacting chuwi support team on Gmail and first of all it took almost 1 week for them to reply, then they sent me driver file, which by the way was not compatible for my pc and later they sent me windows 10 installation file instead of telling me how to fix it :wink:
Any idea how can i make it work on windows 11?

I have the same problem: Microphone does not and never did work. If it’s caused by Windows 11, I don’t mind going back to Windows 10. How did you get them to offer it? Chuwi or Windows?

I asked Microsoft support couple of times and they tried to help remotely, but couldn’t detect the problem. After that i asked chuwi support how could i get windows 10back and they sent installation files.But you can stay on windows 11 as well, Thankfully, i saw a comment on another post that someone fixed mic this way: "Open device manager, find APO line, mouse on, right click, properties, driver, remove device.
If that line is still there, do it again.
When the line disappears youll get a new one “Audio Proxy APO Sample” in other devices. ". i tried and it worked.

Thanks. I’ll try it. After you did a right click, what do you do with properties, driver, remove device? Remove them or install them?

I have a different model than HeroBook. But it may work on mine.

You need to remove it, Audio Proxy APO will appear and be installed itself.

I go straight to the hardware vendor is and this is an INTEL board. I downloaded the Intel Driver and Support Assistant and it updates every driver and tells you what the Hardware is. Does CPU, Video, My Monitor, Sound, Wireless, Bluetooth
Go to Itel site and get
Intel Driver and Support Assistant…and
Intel Graphics Command Center.