HeroBook Air 11.6 - Microphone not working in Windows 11

Hi everyone,

after upgrading at Windows 11, my HeroBook Air’s microphone is not working.
How I can resolve this problem?

Thank you.

Salve a tutti,

dopo l’aggiornamento a Windows 11, il microfono del mio HeroBook Air non è funzionante.
Come posso risolvere questo problema?


Hello, you can contact service@chuwi.com for processing

Did you manage to fix this issue? I am having the same problem after windows 11 update.

No, unfortunately I have not solved this problem, even after contacting online support and following their instructions by installing a specific update. I’m displeased for that, otherwise this little and cheap laptop is a great machine.

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It has to do with the audio and APO drivers. Right click the start menu and go into device manager. Look for the APO device. Try switching the APO drivers to the Microsoft generic version.

I have also the same problem, what i can do?

just uninstall ESAudriver then reboot