HeroBook Air 11.6 windows 11, microphone

Has anyone been able to get the microphone to work on windows 11. States windows 11 ready. Support sent me drivers but still the same issue. Does any one know how to get it woirking or just stay with windows 10?

Hello, please provide the serial number and model number on the back of the machine, thank you

See attached photo. CW513 Serial number ZHerBAAY1H220103708

Picture 45.jpg

Hello, please try to download and install the driver and tutorial, thank you

I updated the ESAUdriver and the intcsst driver but the microphone does not function in windows 11. Do I need to do something else or di I not load the correct drivers?


Already downloadthese and update the drivers list in previous post from the download. Still no microphone, works in windows 10 not windows 11. windows 11 can use a bluetooth microphone but not the built jn microphone, What am I missing