Driver Windows 11 corebook X

Hi @ all
After install a fresh Windows 11 PRO i see this in my device setting.
Where i can find a lot of driver?
driver mancanti


Hi @ all
At the follow link i find this software

This software have solved more driver not installed.
Now the situation of driver not installed are the follow:
driver mancanti 1

Please Technical team of Chuwi, help me please.

OK i find this software
and i have solved all problem with the driver


Hello Fabrizio, welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the post and the solution in once.


hello [coyotefert]
i have only one problem the sound not work


This is odd. On the automatic upgrade from Win10 to Win11, it has no issues with drivers. I would recommend try apply Win10 Drivers on Audio.


I use Driver Easy and it works great.