External DVD reader

It seems the External DVD player Is not working ?
Could be a USB Power limitation ?
There Is a specific external DVD player or CD Reader for the Chuwi herobook pro ?
Thank you

Yes, power limitation issues. USB 2 has a max output of 500mA (2.5W), USB 3 is supposed to output 1A (5W) max but things like external drives can use more when starting up so can trip the USB power. The best bet is to use a powered USB hub or a power lead with twin ends, one for the device and one for extra power (battery bank) which is what I use. If I try to use a DVD drive in my Chuwi it just goes off completely without the extra power feed.

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Thank you for the replay. I’ll do it.

Here’s a picture of the lead I use on my DVD writer fyi.


Thank you for the info