Larkbox Pro DVD question


I am new to my Larkbox Pro and so far it has done what I have asked. However, I have not been able to get a DVD player/writer going on it. I have tried three with no success. Is it possible to have an external DVD player? If so do I need a powered hub? USB 2 or 3? Has anyone been able to run an external DVD? Any DVD model suggestions?

Note: I don’t need Blueray just DVD read and write. Blueray would be a plus though.

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Same problem here! Is Anyone using a CD/DVD external unit?

I can see if I can get this working.

Mine seems to work okay.

I have a Larkbox, not a Larkbox Pro, running 2OH2 version of Windows 10 Home. Google told me that I need to use VLC to play a DVD, I couldn’t get it to work with Media Player.

I have a little LiteOn USB DVD drive. I got it for $20 on Amazon in November of 2018.

Here are some action photos.

I plugged it into the USB port on the left if you’re facing the Power Button, Right if you’re looking at the back.

Looking at the label on the DVD drive, I thought the 1.5 amps was going to be a problem, but it didn’t give me any trouble.

Screenshot of the DVD playing. It doesn’t load the CPU that much. You can see my windows version at the bottom of this screenshot. Click the image for a larger view.

This is the movie I was playing.

I do have a couple more ATA to USB adapters and I can try them if you all want.

Let me know if you do/don’t have any luck getting it working.

It’s impossible to me that it works. When I insert a CD or DVD, it tries to read but it can’t do it