FCC CODE ? Hi10Xpro

Hello everyone, I bought a Hi10 XPRO tablet on aliexpress and I need to know the FCC CODE for a customs procedure. Can someone give me information.

It should be written on the box. If not, it’ll be inside the box on a leaflet. Give your customs agent permission to open the package. They may well charge you extra (and note, if you’re getting an item inspected by customs, you will have charges to pay regardless.)

friend know what is the factory model of this tablet?

Hello, in my country FCC code is necessary to legally activate with cellular operators, without this, the HI10 Xpro is just a wifi tablet. This code there is not on box or any paper inside. Please made public all this codes FCC, CE. Thanks.

Can you tell me, which country are you from?

I am from Colombia and the same thing happens to me

Try to see if this file works
DCC for tablets.pdf (166.7 KB)