Firmware & Driver Update Software

I would like to suggest to Chuwi to create a Firmware & Driver Update Software, to keep our Chuwi tablet up to date with the latest firmware & drivers for our hardware.
I understand that Chuwi is still working on solutions for some of the reported issues, therefore this tool would be perfect to enhance the user experience and make sure all users are getting the required updates delivered to their tablets.
At the moment I am using the Intel update tool because of a lot of Intel components in the Chuwi device, maybe this could be used as a starting point to develop the update software.


I agree that there should be a central software library for Chuwi products. I seems that, for now, Chuwi depends on mediafire to host the files with no support pages listing the available software. It would be nice if Chuwi would create a support WEB page that list available updates and downloads for each of their products. Hopefully, this will happen in the near future.


I would appreciate if Management could look into this and come up with a solution.
Using the Intel driver & software update tool is somewhat helpful but not really the best solution because it is only working for Intel drivers.

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