Flashing stock ROM removed my Windows

So recently, I flashed a version of LineageOS. I am also locked out of Windows, and me and my friend tried to figure out how to get access to the Windows partition. We failed, so we tried flashing back to the stock ROM, but we lost the Windows. Later, we found another stock ROM and that had a readme saying

If you dont want to lose windows, remove the gpt command

The ROM I flashed did not have a readme and I did not realize that the gpt command removed the Windows. So, does anyone have a stock dual-boot gpt.bin for a Chuwi Hi10 pro?

Serial: HQ64G42170902858
Model: CWI529
Name: Chuwi Hi10 pro (dual-boot tablet with android and windows)

Thanks in advance!

Hello, please contact service@chuwi.com, we will send you the system to reinstall, remember to attach the serial number, thank you