GemiBook Pro 14" 12/256

Please is it possible on Chuwi GemiBook Pro 14 "12/256 to install Windows 7 x86 (32bit)? I need it because of programs that do not run under Windows 10 64 bit. I have tried it several times via USB boot but without success.
Thank you. for reply.

I think you can, take a look at the options.

I do not offer such an option there. And even if it goes I need Windows 7 x86 (32bit) so a clean installation. Is it possible to somehow access the USB boot drive directly on this laptop? I have already tried to create dualboot windows but I don’t want to make boot windows 7 from the USB drive. Thanks for the reply.

Given how long win7 has been EOL, I doubt there will be drivers for all the devices even if you do get it to install.

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