GemiBook Pro 14 Fan


I have 2 versions of GeminiBook Pro 14

The older one i bought one year ago 12GB 256GB J4125 In this one the fan keeps spining all time.

The new one 8GB 256GB N5100 , i can not ear the fan working. Even installing windows 11 when pc gets hot. Is it supose not to work? can i test the fan anyway?

Which one is correct?

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I have the same issue, it’s getting really hot but I’ve never heard a single sound. Maybe the fan isn’t there or broken? If I can’t find the solution, I guess I need to return mine.

After searching about it. I found that the N5100 CPU can be passively cooled. So chuwi removed the fan in this model. Can someone from chuwi confirm it?

Someone did a tear down of the Larkbook X, which also has the N5100. There is no fan on that laptop. I assume it’s the same for the Gemibook Pro.