How to turn off fan on my Gemibook Pro 14?

hello everyone. the fan on my Gemibook Pro 14 is constantly running and very loud. I find that very annoying. browsing through this forum I can read that many others feel disturbed by the constantly running fan as well. is there any way to turn off the fan? any help is appreciated.

Same with CoreBook X, half of the Bios doesnt changes anything…

The fan of my CoreBook X only activates occasionally depending on the load of transactions or open browser tabs, remaining silent in most of the processes of the use that I give it. If you use the laptop while the battery is charging if there is a logical increase in temperature that causes the fan to activate

I have the same problem, after a year my fan has started to make an exaggerated noise.

I don’t know if you have to change any option in the BIOS about the fan, although it seems that the options are for decoration.
This user has physically deactivated it (beware, the warranty is lost) It seems a good solution in the absence of official solutions from CHUWI, taking into account that it does not reach very high temperatures.