GemiBook Pro 14'' > FN Key


I have a GemiBook Pro, and would like to invert FN Key behaviour…
i want to press F5 key to user “F5” function (without pressing FN key)…

How can make this change?..Any BIOS option?..Any keyboard trick?



I have the same question.

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Add me into the list that would like to know if this is possible.

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I have the same issue and I’m very surprised that a company like Chuwi does not introduce this capabilty. I really hope they will add it in a bios update.

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I have the same question.

I also have the same question

Good morning.
The same for mi… :frowning:
Has anyone achieve this?

I have same problem with FN key. Chuwi, Bios update please

I got it from the following URL

This is the URL introduced in the Japanese blog and I am not what I got. I got this and tried it, but I did not apply well in my environment. (But it failed and PC did not become immobile)

I got the BIOS of the FN key improved version from Chuwi.

I got the BIOS from Chuwi