GemiBook Pro CWI529 FN + F1-F12 keys problem

ver BIOS JXX-BI-14.1-W133GWR200-035-D
SMBIOS Version 3.2
UEFI Boot Yes
Secure Boot Allowed
date BIOS 09/30/2020
BIOS Date: 09/30/2020 09:06:14 Ver: tPAD 0.04
Need EC patch for GemiBook Pro CWI529
serial number GeBookQ512G201203010
I have problem with FN F1-F12 buttons, they do not work without press FN key.
Thank you


Are you saying they don’t function as Fn keys and instead the alternate function activates (IE - pressing F5 cycles through the keyboard backlite settings)? If so, this is the correct default behaviour that is expected (although not desired by many).
Or do you mean it doesn’t do ANYTHING without the Fn key?

Invalid behaiour by default: F1-12 keys work as multimedia, and for use original F1-12 you must press FN
Expected behaviour: F1-12 work as Functional keys without FN key

yeah, that’s correct. This is the default behaviour for the GemiBook keys. There is (currently) no way to change it without manually remapping each key in your OS. There have been several threads requesting Chuwi add a BIOS option to flip this behaviour, and last I had looked, noone from Chuwi ever responded to them nor was there any indication they were considering it.


what buttons you use more often? volup voldown of F6 F7 ?
Keyboard backlit on-off or F5?
Laptop almost useless withour F1-12 keys, you cannot use it for any professional work.

This is really a very desapointing issue.
This notebook is called “pro” since when the “pro” first purpose is to watch movie?

I bought this laptop with the intention to be able to work with when im traveling, but i never imagined that the FN function would be lock and in the worst way possible for anyone having to work with a laptop.
Its make his use tendious, and if i really want use it i need to add an extrenal keyboard witch break the purpose off having a light and compact notebook.

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I have a CoreBookX, same here. I guess unless Chuwi provides a BIOS update, we will be locked to the current keyboard behavior. Even trying to remap is almost impossible. Even if you try to get the keycodes for LCD / F1 key: it seem to do a hard bypass on the keymapping to on/off the screen. In other words, it doesn’t seem to send any key-event at all into the OS, so you can’t map something you don’t get… I was trying to see what was the key code with xev on Linux, but no outcome for F1, I guess keyboard brighness/F5 might also be similar thing. If ever any owner of a Chuwi Laptop manages to remap all Fn keys, please share the magic trick.


I really don’t understand why Chuwi aren’t addressing this oversight. I’m a software developer and the vast majority of my apps require use of the Fn keys and not being able to change this default behaviour is somewhat of a deal breaker for me.

Please Chuwi, provide a Bios update or a utility to allow us to toggle the Fn key behaviour!


I agree with the lack of FN key addressing and updating the BIOS. I also would not choose Chuwi for work hardware. Chuwi is in my humble opinion no more than home entertainment hardware. Nor even useful for school use. Maybe in a view year when they have a better backbone of support that listens and actively works to get better.

I got it from the following URL

Thank you for posting that link, but I’ve no idea of the source or validity of that update.

If Chuwi have an official update that addresses this issue, then it should be released and made publicly available here, in the proper channel.

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This is the URL introduced in the Japanese blog and I am not what I got. I got this and tried it, but I did not apply well in my environment. (But it failed and PC did not become immobile)

This is what I got with email with jpvip
(URL is different from what I introduced the other day)

I sent the following two to CHUWI and got this URL.

  1. Photograph of serial number on the back of the main unit,
  2. Order number at the time of purchase

My Gemibook has become able to use the F1-F12 key without requiring simultaneous pressing of the FN key by applying this firmware.

<< Note! >>
that the firmware to be applied differs depending on the product serial number.

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Is this also for the GemiBook Pro?
What is the advantage of this firmware, what can we do extra with this F1-F12 keys besides the functions they have now?

Checked the link with and and it seems oke No viruses.

I’m not sure if this firmware can be applied to GemiBook Pro.

I don’t know what has changed other than the F1-F12 key change because I haven’t compared it with the previous one, but I haven’t had any problems so far.

I think the best way is to email CHUWI with a photo of your GemiBook Pro serial number and the order number at the time of purchase, just like I do, to get the URL of the BIOS.

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I send Chuwi a mail, hope they react to it.

Dear Chuwi,

Could you please react on the below forum post and publish official software on an official channel?


Thank you so much! Finally! Now the only thing really annoying with this notebook is the missing PgUp/PgDown/Home/End keys.

What I want to add:

  • check serial (mine is GeBookQ256G200905xx)
  • copy contents of GemiBook EC to USB
  • boot from USB (ESC, rightmost tab on the bottom “override…”)

then I was left on an empty prompt fs3:\

  • type fs4:
  • type FEC64.NSH

now it is installing and giving success message after some seconds

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