Functions without Fn key

Requesting bios update file to aftersales for weeks without reply, I am now applying a simple and safe solution, in order to push function keys without pushing Fn key on my Gemibook.

There is keybord mapping editor included in microsoft power toys, naming ‘Keyboard Manager’. Among hooking tools like Autohotkey, this utility is easy to to use with GUI.

Using this utility, we can change keyboard mapping of F2 to F4 and F8 to F12 like this;
Volume mute to F2, and F2 to Volume mute

Unfortunately F5 can not be hooked, we can appropriate relatively not so important F3 with F5 like this;
Volume down to F5, F5 to F3, F3 to Volume down

May this message help some of chuwi users!


We need “Fn lock” or “Fn swap” BIOS setting!

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I agree.
To maintain users’ loyalty, Chuwi should establish its official download site and release bios update, device drivers (other than intel) etc widely requested by users in this forum.

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Yes please, Chuwi Staff!

Make this possibile!

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No additional function is required to use Windows.
Adjust the volume, adjust the brightness, etc.
I’ll do it on the OS, so please provide a way to disable it.

It’s painful to have to press the Fn key at the same time.


I bought the ubook X with a keyboard.

But I was terribly disappointed.
I must press Fn + F1-F12 to use the function keys.

Dear darman. Your information is very useful.
But I request to chuwi.

To solve it, you need to swap the operation of the Fn key.
It seems that improved bios also exists in AeroBook and CoreBook X.
Please release the BIOS update to other series as soon as possible.


Chuwi has some bios that activate the Fkeys by default in some models.
Please write to in this regard

I contacted support but didn’t get UFI provided.

And today, I got the necessary information on google with the keyword “gemibook pro fn Aki”.

It worked on my gemibook pro (16GB Mem 512 SSD).
Since it is a personal website, please judge at your own risk.

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Hola, por favor podrias enviar el enlace que te arrojó y explicar como lo solucionaste

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Please release “Fn lock” or “Fn swap” BIOS for our Gemibook.