Gemibook How to abolish the Fn Lock?

Is there any way to disable the Fn Lock functions?

I usually use this laptop to make some documents in Japanese. The Fn keys are the very instrumental things for typing Japanese.
Since Japanese IMEs use these function keys(F1~F12) to conversion the input characters, this kind function is actually extremely annoying for Japanese users.
Honestly, I don’t change the brightness or sound volume frequently, compared to converting characters.
That’s why I’m asking about it here.

If there’s any homebrew or modified BIOS which accepts more flexible settings, it would be great for me.

I made an inquiry to the after-sale department but they didn’t seem to respond my request.
Also, I’m looking for other users facing this problem to motivate Chuwi.


Recently I bought a chuwi gemibook pro as well…
I would love this functionality as well… as I too use F1-F12 as normal function keys…No need for media keys

Please provide a BIOS update …I am able to update using DOS USB drive


I want this too…

Please a new BIOS with this feature is AWSOME!

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I agree with these comments: also for me the FN keys are more needed that volume and brigthless control.
Please add the capability to change in the BIOS:

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Hi. In the case of Hi10X

Fn Lock key (Fn+Esc) crashes Windows10 on the spot.
Its next key is Mute (Fn+F1), so this keyboard layout is really dangerous.
(Why no one points out this?)

If CHUWI can, please correct (implement) Fn Lock key behavior.

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One more for this suggestion.
Please Chuwi people, allow us to achieve this.
It is very uncomfortable having to press the fn key for using the Fn keys.

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Same silly thing on Aerobook Pro. It would be nice to have a BIOS setting, or a keyboard shortcut.