GemiBook Pro BIOS problem?

Hello, I’ve a GemiBook Pro 16gb+512gb bought on December 2020.
After Windows 10 updates, when the reboot is requested to apply the changes in the OS, during the reboot the PC enters into BIOS menu, with no possibility to exit.
I need to push power button to turn of the PC.
When I restart it, Windows startup with no problem.

Is there a newer BIOS version ?

Did you run the Intel driver update. Intel® Driver & Support Assistant

Option 2:

Hello, I did it but with no success
Again, is there a newer BIOS version ?
How can I get it ?

Hello, I didn’t receive any feedback, where can I get a newer BIOS version ?

Hello Eldijomo,
unfortunately your workarounds didn’t solve the issue, at this point in time I ask you for a new BIOS version, if any.

Hello! GemiBook Pro 16GB + 512GB. Help, need bios for laptop JXX-BI-14.1-W133GWR200-035-D version