graphic pen for hi9 air

Hello. Has anyone used a graphic pen on this tablet, if so, which one did they buy? Very interested in this question

Hi. @MeloMel
HiPen H3 is supposed to work with Hi9 Air, according to the reply below.

how to connect hipen h3?


I don’t have both Hi9 air and H3, so am not sure, sorry.

Connection between PC and pen is wireless and automatic.
Set AAAA battery (packed in a box with stylus pen) to HiPen H3 and boot Windows10.
That’s all.
Be careful with the battery direction (+/-).

sorry for another my mistake.
boot Android OS, not Windows.

@Management , I think you might respond to this topic (as like other topics).
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Hi, @MeloMel

I’m very sorry for showing you the wrong information.
Hi9 Air does not support any HiPen. This is the official answer from CHUWI.

I got the answer today.

Why did @Management post the topic I quoted?
I cannot imagine…

I’m really sorry to you, and all here.

@Management, please correct the description in:

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