[Official] [stylus] What devices are compatible with the Chuwi Hipen h1-h6 stylus

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Corresponding Compatible Devices with CHUWI HiPen H1-H6:

:heart:Hipen H1-----Hi12

:heart:Hipen H2-----Hi10 Pro, Hi10 Air, Hi10 Plus.

:heart:Hipen H3-----Hi9 Plus, Hi10 X (old version)), Hi12 (ps:For product serial Numbers after 1709), Hipad LTE, SurBook 12.3, Hi13 Ubook, Minibook 8100Y UBook (SN:before 20 05)

:heart:Hipen H6-----Ubook Pro, Hi10 X(new version)UBook (SN:After 20 05)

List of MPP protocol devices currently supported by Hipen H6 stylus:


HiPen H3 is also compatible with Chuwi Hi9 Plus

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How well do the styluses work under Linux? Specifically the HiPen3 on the Minibook?

Yes, I have the Hi10x with 6gb ram and 128gb emmc. My pen is defective I think.

What about this article? https://www.gizmochina.com/2020/04/30/chuwi-hi10-x-hipen-h6-stylus-brings-ipad-like-writing-experience/

In these days I’m going to buy Hi10 X but I’m not sure about compatibility with H3 or H6 pen.
Tablet is the same with a software update or it is a new product with an hardware upgrade?


:heart:Hipen H3-----Hi9 Plus,Hi9 Air,Hi10 X , Hi12 (ps:For product serial Numbers after 1709), Hipad LTE, SurBook 12.3, Hi13 Ubook, Minibook 8100Y

the Hipen to be used with the Hi10X must be the H3, currently, the H6 is only compatible with the UBook Pro

This is a new version, which may not be for sale yet. You must make sure which model is yours

I found new model of Chuwi Hi10 X, thanks!

what does “Hi12 (ps:For product serial Numbers after 1709)” mean?
i have an hi12 Q64G45160500229 does it work with it?

did you ever figure it out? I have the new hi10x and cannot figure out how to pair with h6 stylus

HI my ubook has the serial Q255GH62052939
should it be compatible with hipen h6 which was sent with it? and if so why doesn’t the pressure work? is there a setting I can do?

I mean the pen works fine but there is no pressure sensitivity

On hi10x you can add that the ones that accept only the H6 have H6 on serial number.


Hello. So I have a Hi10x with a serial including H6 in it. I am guessing it is the new version. If I understand correctly, it only works with H6 then? No chance pairing it with the H3?
Sorry if it is a dumb question. Only the H3 is available in my country and I want to make sure before I buy.


hello i have a chuwi ubook 11.6 probably the serial number is old, so it isn’t compatible, but is there any driver i can install on my pc?
i think it is really strange that you cant solve a problem like this

Today I bought a Hipen h3 for hi9air. now the question is: how to connect it? can anyone tell me?

What about Hi10 Go? Any Compatible Hipen?

how can i understand that my chuwi 10x is of the old or new version?

Hello, i have a CHUWI HiPad X 10.1 Android 11 Tablet PC Unisoc T618 Octa Core ARM Mali G52 GPU 6GB RAM 128GB ROM Tablet 4G LTE
and i need a pen for use in it. i forgot to say tha i had bought a Chuwi Hi13 HI9plus HiPad X Hipad LTE HiPen H3 Touch, and didint work with my tablet…With one do you recomend me? Send me a link for buy. thanks