Headphones problems

The RZBOX does not detect the headphones, neither by the minijack nor by the usbc and headphone input, someone else happens, is there a solution?


Need more info:

  1. Operating system?
  2. Headphones make/model?
  3. Do the headphones work in another PC/device?

It was fixed. The OS is Windows 11, the problem is that I have a BenQ screen with speakers and it puts the default audio on the screen, you have to select by default the speakers and the headphones works but I lost the audio from the screen, I have to change everytime if I want by headphones or screen audio, but at least I have recovered my headphones, by the way, the headphones are by cable.


Yeah. I found this annoying in Windows 11. It does the same thing on my regular desktop gaming PC too. It’s not RZBox specific. I went back to Windows 10 because of this alone lol. Windows 10 has a quick audio device selector when you click on the speaker icon. Windows 11 relocated or moved this and there’s no quick way to switch audio devices anymore, at least that I’ve found.

Glad it was a quick resolution. :slight_smile:

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