Herobook Pro (2020) Driver

Anyone who owns the Herobook Pro (2020) that the webcam works for, can by following this guide https://www.wikihow.tech/Copy-Drivers-from-One-Computer-to-Another-on-PC-or- Mac to make a driver backup and share it?

I have a Herobook Pro with a BIOS dated 2020, having already made a complete backup of all my drivers including the webcam.
I have zipped it up and placed a copy of it here www.andygarrett.co.uk/USB%20Video%20Device.zip
Hope this helps.

Thank you very much for sharing the driver, unfortunately I was unable to install it. Windows says the best driver for the device is already installed …

If you upgrade to Windows 11 would you please me to make the camera driver available? I upgraded hoping that the driver would be installed automatically, everything works except the camera!

Thanks in advance