Herobox Bluetooth

I cannot pair my bluetooth mouse and keyboard to my Herobox mini PC.
When I click on 'Add A Bluetooth Device/Mouse Keyboard the system displays that there 2 ‘Unknown Devices’ that can be connected, howevere neither of these are the mouse or keyboard.
Right Clicking on ‘Unknown Device’ produces no result.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Bluetooth drivers.
I have used Intel Driver & Support Assistant to confirm that I have the correct drivers installed.
I have reset BIOS.
I have checked the Bluetooth Services.
None have the above have fixed the problem.
Can you please help ?

i own one herobox with 180gb m2 drive 8gb ram and adefective no way to reset and very bad support from banggood .
i think you have no bluetooth interface on the motherboard they is only wireless ic part number intel 3165d2w.
you could see the ic when you remove thw cover under the sata hard drive opposite to the sata connector .

And next left side of this wireless device they is a spare empty location who is the optionnal bluetooth ic missing. if you have opportunity to check it take a picture of the mother to confirm my view because on my unit they is the same ic missing .
i will appreciate if you could confirm they is no bluetooth ic . also in the device manager it should confirm they is no bluetooth device in network listing.

I have a Bluetooth interface. I resolved the problem by doing a Clean install of Windows 10.

Thanks for the reply

I have facing the same problem.
Unable to pair with my Oppo smartphone.

When it connected and it instantly… show ’ not connected ’ :pensive: