Herobox boot issue

Herobox not booting
Has there been a fix for this yet. Will not boot from win 10 thumb drive.

CHUWI 2023 Mini PC HeroBox, Intel 12th Gen N100, 256GB SSD 8GB RAM, Desktop Computer Windows 11, Quad Core Processor(3.4GHz), WiFi 6/BT5.2/Gigabit Ethernet/VESA / 4K UHD/USB 3.0/Up to 2TB SSD

I will ask to the tech people tomorrow, today they are not at office. Can you describe exactly from where is this happening? And the Serial number of your product? you gave me all except the most importar part :slight_smile:
@manonegra222 can you please guide me, so i know exactly what i need to ask to tech? :wink:

To boot from a USB memory with bootable Windows you must turn on the device and press F7 intermittently, without stopping, until a boot selection menu appears on the screen and, in it, choose the pendrive

Hi. Here is a picture of the back of the hero box. When it’s turned on the chuwi logo comes up with a spinning wheel and doesn’t proceed from there. If I try to boot it with the windows file on the thumb drive the windows logo comes up with a spinning wheel and doesn’t proceed. Thank you for any help you can provide. Becky

Try to enter the Bios by pressing Esc intermittently when turning on (with the Windows pendrive connected), once there, with the arrow keys on the keyboard, go to the boot tab. Go to the boot preference order line and press enter. In the pop-up window, select the pendrive as the first option

I have changed the boot sequence to boot from the pen drive and it starts with the Windows logo but just spins and nothing loads.

You must wait for a few minutes for the Windows instalation program booting

I have left the windows program run overnight and it doesn’t load windows. The wheel just spins after the windows logo appears. Do you think the BIOS needs to be flashed or the hard drive is corrupt? I do have an additional ssd (not installed yet) for it. Would windows be able to run on that?

I think what you have wrong is the boot sector of the storage unit and that you cannot boot from the Windows pendrive, either because it is not created correctly (with the media creation utility and not an ISO) or because you do not give with the key combination to bring up the boot selection menu.

if you guys think is conveniently to provide files, just let me know with an @
because maybe that will not solve the problem, as you said manonegra.

My IT guy at work loaded the right Win 10 to the thumb drive and tried to load it. He said it would find the drive but wouldn’t allow him to re-write or format it.

Is there a system image recovery file that you can email to me? I’m not able to load windows recovery from the windows 10 iso pen drive.

i don’t know if mine is a herobook or not but i press the power button and nothing happens and i have even tried to long press it for 15 seconds and still nothing.

what should i do?

This is the OS that came with your computer.

You can try to download and install it.

You can check the label on the back, if it would be a herobook
If its a Herobox its on the side you are not sure you can post a picture of what you see on the case,

This file is not being recognized on my herobox. Is there a file to update or reset the BIOS?

@bchasensky yours is this one:
Files for Serial Numbers of Herobox between:
HeroBox 180G20041001-HeroBox 180G20043000
HeroBox 180G20040001-HeroBox 180G20040500
HeroBox 180G20040501-HeroBox 180G20041000



How to install: