HeroBox doesn't wake up automatically


I would like to wake HeroBox up automatically when AC power is applied.
I tried to set the BIOS setting as follows, but it doesn’t work.

---- South Cluster Configuration
-------- Miscellaneous Configuration
------------ Wake on Power (Automatic on)
---------------- [S0 State]

How should I do?

Thanks in advance.

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I would like mine to do the same but I’ve had no luck with any of the settings. My other windows PCs were easily set to do so and work correctly. Please let me know if you can get this to work, I will probably fiddle with it again over the weekend. Thanks.

Hi, MPTP. I contacted to CHUWI and got a comment. They said that HeroBox doesn’t support that function. I’m going to consider an other PC… I am sorry for my late update.