Can HeroBox Pro wake up on the AC power applied?

I’m interested in “HeroBox Pro”.

But I concern about the wake up on the AC power because I know that the previous version “HeroBox” was not supported that function.

Please refer to: HeroBox doesn't wake up automatically

How about HeroBox Pro? Does anyone know that?

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i just checked to my HeroBox pro and the setting seems to be there. I’m not sure if it’s supported though.

I used the hardware “solution”: LarkBox: Automatic boot on power? - #7 by ivan.m

@justauser hello, I want to weld a relay to switch on button on mainboard, but I can not find a pin to put a parallel button, can you show me where I can weld a 2 wire to simulate a push button? thanks

Yeah, the option is in BIOS.

Hello, did the bios configuration work for you?